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18th Annual CME - Obstetric Medicine Update 2018

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1 Maternal Morbidity in India, Where Do We Begin? – Dr. V. P. Paily
2 Classifying and Reducing Maternal Morbidity – Dr. Lucy Mackillop
3 Capsule : Prevention of Eclampsia – Dr. Anisha Gala
4 ASPRE Trial – Eliminate, Eradicate Pre-Eclampsia? – Dr. Suseela Vavilala
5 Why Mothers Continue to Die with Pre-Eclampsia – Dr. Lucy Mackillop
6 Identifying a High Risk Cardiac Disease – Dr. Tarakeswari S
7 Preconception Counseling for Cardiac Disease – Dr. Geetha Kandavello
8 Common ECG and 2D Echo Abnormalities in Pregnancy – Interpretation and Management – Dr. Krishna Mohan Lalukota
9 Pregnancy Contraindicated Cardiac Lesions – Still Pregnant – Dr. Geetha Kandavello
10 Approach to Elevated Transaminases – Dr. Devang M. Patel
11 Approach to Hyperemesis – Dr. Krupa Patalay
12 Approach to Oliguria – Dr. Manokanth M
13 Approach to Headache – Dr. Smita Pawar
14 Keynote Address : Thromboprophylaxis – Dr. Lucy Mackillop
15 Medical Disorders and Fetal Growth : A Customised Approach – Prof. Jason Gardosi
16 Capsule : Preventing Sepsis – Dr. Surekha A
17 Sepsis III Guidelines – Dr. Ramkumar Venkateswaran
18 Appropriate Antibiotic – Dr. Hari Kishan Boorugu
19 Viral Outbreaks - How Prepared Are We? – Dr. Usha G
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1 Comprehensive Maternal Rescue and Care – Dr. Ramkumar Venkateswaran
2 Early Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) – Dr. Anjan Trikha
3 When Stroke Strikes Pregnancy – Dr. Sudhir Kumar
4 Capsule : Indications for HDU, ICU Care – Dr. Subhashini Y.
5 Anemia as a Morbidity Factor; Challenges – Dr. Usha G.
6 Blood Transfusion Related Deaths, Streamlining Indications – Dr. Anjan Trikha
7 Delivery in Coagulation Failure – Dr. Nuzhat Aziz
8 Capsule : Preventing PPH – Dr. Sailaja Devi K.
9 Preventing and Identifying Postoperative Hemoperitoneum – Dr. Uma Ram
10 Dr. Leslie J. Fernandez Oration – Smt. Swati Lakra, IPS
11 Preventing Pulmonary Edema : Learning to Keep Your Head Above Water – Dr. Sunil T. Pandya
12 Bedside Imaging in Obstetric Critical Care – Dr. Binila Chacko
13 Critical Care : Special Considerations in Obstetrics – Dr. Lucy Mackillop
14 Keynote Lecture : Prevention of Stillbirths, a Journey – Prof. Jason Gardosi
15 Cost Effective Interventions in Preterm Care – Dr. Sai Kiran
16 Panel Discussion : Diabetes Mellitus Complicating Pregnancy
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