Obstetric Medicine Update - 2018

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Title : Stillbirth Prevention Through Improved Fetal Surveillance

30h November, 2018

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1 Introduction; Purpose of Workshop – Dr. Nuzhat Aziz
2 A Mother’s Story – Mrs. Rohene Mandalapu
3 Etiology and Burden of Stillbirths in India – Dr. Pratima Mittal
4 A Road Map for Reducing Stillbirths in India – Dr. V. P. Paily
5 Bereavement Care and Duty of Candour – Prof. Jason Gardosi
6 Placental Pathology and Unexplained Stillbirths – Dr. Smita Pawar
7 Confidential Enquiries and Case Reviews – Prof. Jason Gardosi
8 Fetal Growth Restriction and Adverse Outcome – Prof. Jason Gardosi
9 Customised Growth Charts – Principles and Application – Prof. Jason Gardosi
10 Protocols and Algorithms for Risk Assessment – Prof. Jason Gardosi
11 Integrated Surveillance in Low and High Risk Pregnancy – Prof. Jason Gardosi
12 Experience at Fernandez Hospital – Dr. Nuzhat Aziz
13 Standardised Fundal Height Measurement and Plotting – Dr. Pallavi Chandra
14 Referral Pathways and Management; Clinical Case Examples – Prof. Jason Gardosi
15 Audit of Detection Rates and Missed Cases; Bench Marking – Prof. Jason Gardosi
16 Discussion : Overcoming Hurdles for Implementation – Prof. Jason Gardosi
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